Sunfire is a Co-Dominate gene thats intensifies the saturation of color in Retics, both by brightening base colors like oranges, and also by darkening and cleaning up the black patterning while changing the pattern slightly.  Breeding a Sunfire to anything will make a half clutch of Sunfires, and breeding two Sunfires together create the more intense SuperSun.  This color mutation has proven to be the key to improving on many pattern and even other color mutations, adding color and contrast to anything it is combined with.  Even the normal siblings from Sunfire breedings get a little extra dose of color.

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Sunfire Lavender Albino

These intense Albinos are created by adding together the dark saturation of the Sunfire gene, with the beautiful Clark Strain Albino.

Super Sunfire

SuperSun Homozygous Sunfire- Clean orange snake that throws nothing but Sunfires when bred.
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Dwarf Het Genetic Stripe Sunfire Possible Het Albino

Dwarf Combo- Co-Dom/ Recessive. A great snake to quickly add multiple new genes to your collection.
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Dwarf Het Genetic Stripe Sunfire White Albino Tiger

3 gene combo snakes that combine pattern, brightness, and color intensity into one breathtaking animal.
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Sunfire Albino Tigers

Sunfire White, Lavender, Purple and Het Albino Tigers
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Dwarf Het Anery Sunfire

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Sunfire Tiger

Sunfire, Tiger

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